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Functional Medicine

Functional Nutrition is a science-based approach that looks at the root causes of health imbalances using cutting edge tools.


Ayurveda is an ancient healing system that originated in India over 5,000 years ago and focuses on Root causes versus symptoms.

Wellness Circle

Regain the Glory of Your Health!

At OHA Health, we integrate Ayurveda and Functional Medicine to assist you in achieving your health objectives. Deepa collaborates with you to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns and devises tailored treatment plans utilizing Ayurvedic treatments, nutritional guidance, and natural interventions to ramp up wellness.

The Three Pillars of our Clinical Practice

Our practice is embedded with the core principles of Functional Medicine and the Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to build a solid foundation of three pillars to address your health challenges.

Root Cause Resolution
Clinical Analysis
Ancient Wisdom

Disease is only a symptom the body projects to express its uneasiness.  The underlying cause is somewhere deep inside your system. We approach your health challenges with this primary focus and dive deep into the underlying causes and impacts your body has taken to reach the current stage of health challenges. The process is an in-depth analysis through exhaustive information gathering ,genetic and psychological impact analysis.

Functional Medicine gives us the tool to analyse the root cause through the markers of your blood work and various other pointers. The second pillar of our practice is these tools to analyse and reach into the depth of the cause of your health challenges and find the underlying causes through clinical analysis of your problems.  The insight these tools unravel have vast potential to channel your resources to  address the healing process.

Foundation of evolution has been derived from the past and the knowledge is evergreen. Ayurveda has been existent for 5000 plus years in India and it has been practiced to heal over all these years. The core principle of Ayurveda is to treat the root cause through natural and herbal intervention and bringing balance to the body of the three doshas and five elements. Ayurveda had even perfected surgery in the ancient times.

Thus Spoke The World About us!

Creative Director, Actor and The English Nut

"I had Severe insomnia. I was on allopathic medication to help me sleep. My nervous system was in perpetual fight-or-flight mode. During the day, even the SMS notification would startle me. At night, as I tried to fall asleep or when I was a sleep, a startled sensation in my gut would wake me up. I was also irritable and anxious all the time. I had very poor digestion and suffered from severe bloating. My blood work showed a lot of things out of range—homocysteine, cholesterol, etc. There has been significant improvement across all these variables.
Deepa is with you, holding your hand, throughout the process. It was reassuring to know that she was always a message or call away. And I regularly took inputs from her on just about everything. She was a wise, calm and knowledgeable companion on this health journey I embarked on.”

Garima Dosi, MD
Garima Dosi, MD
Vascular Surgeon, Boston

"I have tried various diets and exercise regimen intermittently with transient short live or no success in past. With Deepa, I gained better understanding of the nutrients and how it affects the body and what to look for when I have symptoms. I rate any comfort with Deepa Excellent, Superb and many million stars. Deepa was always available to answer my questions, she gave attention to every minute detail and symptom. For all Deepa's clients, trust Deepa, she knows what she is doing. I am a physician and always believed that only allopathic medicines can cure diseases. With Deepa I realised that Nutrition is medicine and its a life long journey. The choices that we make for our nutrition affects our mind body and soul in so many ways. I was tired and frustrated with no results with diet and lifestyle modifications that I have tried in past. These were also not consistent in terms of efforts and results were not great. I wanted to get into structured program with practitioner who knows the science behind the nutrition and not just following the most current diet fad. Deepa provided perfect balance of nutrition with science and ancient wisdom”

Ravi Venkateshan
Ravi Venkatesan.
Former Chairman for Infosys, Bank of Baroda, Microsoft, Cummins, Board member of Rockefeller Foundation

"I signed up with Deepa after a close friend had experienced outstanding results with a very chronic problem. Since I had been neglecting my chronic issues for at least a decade, I decided to give it a try. About a month into our sessions, I had a number of major health issues including hospitalisation with Dengue and an infection that felt suspiciously like COVID. Deepa was a lifeline during this difficult year.”

Akansha Gaur
Aakanksha Gaur
Founder, Wingify

"Before I started my plan with Deepa, I used to experience productivity loss of around 10 days every month due to complications from endometriosis. Constant bloating, lower back aches, quite a hit in mood and general sense of lethargy. As the dates of my periods would approach, I would be scared to deal with the pain that wouldn’t stop till I rushed to the hospital to get a painkiller. When you consult with Deepa, it won't be just food. You'll get an education on natural therapies, an education on mindfulness and the role it plays, you'll get a genuinely caring healer. After working with Deepa for the last two years, I can safely say that a lot of chronic conditions would not ail people if this knowledge is made available at the school level. Our understanding of food and our relationship to what we eat is so sacred and so ignored. I am only filled with gratitude that I got the opportunity to open my eyes to this new world. Oh and by the way, I am currently bloating free and on my last period, I was able to work like any other day. Something that was beyond my wildest imagination just two years ago.”

Anuradha Gunupathi
Anuradha Gunupathi
Dr. Reddy's

“Deepa made me understand very patiently about my symptoms and guided me throughout the program. While I was distracted at times due to a busy schedule, they gently brought me back on track.i feel more confident about my health than ever before! It was a wonderful program. What I liked best was the duration of 8 months which helped to understand and address all the health issues, it gives a road map on the way forward and makes me feel empowered and take responsibility for my over all health and well being”

Stacy Robins
Stacey Robbins.
Health & Lifestyle Coach, Hashimoto's expert, and award-winning author

“I get to shout out about a woman whose work is so dedicated, thorough, and full of loving support. Deepa is an Allied functional Medicine Practitioner with an integrative approach to nutrition as well as an Ayurvedic approach. The practice was so life-giving to me last year when my brain and body were looping after months of dealing with the effects of a concussion and injury I had experience in Mexico last year. It had a cascading effect on me due to the stress on my body, impacting my brain, hormones, inflammation, and more. Deepa’s work was stabilising and securing, supportive, and pain relieving. I can’t say enough about her and Shyam as they work in this beautiful synchronicity together on the client’s behalf. If you need healing support, reach out to her. Deepa’s work as the Sleep Whisperer is also incredibly valuable and you can find her podcast by the same name in the App Store. My heart is filled with gratitude for you, Deepa! So much love!”hospitalisation with Dengue and an infection that felt suspiciously like COVID. Deepa was a lifeline during this difficult year.”

Anuradha Gunupathi
Harihar Sivanandh
Vice President Global Retail Markets US Property Claims, Product Strategy & Advanced Analytics

“Deepa is a fantastic partner to help you learn about the connection your body has with food. She guides you through every step on how you can establish a discipline and build a strong commitment to changing your lifestyle. She does in a measured and sustainable way that is customised to your cooking style, principles, and work routines. She invests incredible amounts of time and her expertise in understanding your food habits, work-life style, and clinical lab results and builds these time bound plans for you to reverse the damaging effects you have caused to your body over the years.
We are so glad to have found Deepa as our coach and functional nutritionist at the right time in our lives that has led us down a new path to build and manage our health successfully. I think it's a great program and have been active proponent of Deepa's skills and consults with many. People generally hesitate about the discipline and question their own commitment to such efforts like we did”

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