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OHA Health Signature One Program

Unleash your full potential with The Signature One Program - an 8-month health journey perfectly blending Functional Medicine and Ayurveda. Our program is a transformational and tailor-made experience that will empower you to unlock your body's natural state of balance and vitality, customized to your unique needs.

OHA Masterclasses and Programs

The OHA Master Classes are uniquely designed programmes for you to adapt and practice in your life to bring the needed change and revival in the journey to a healthy life.

Thus Spoke The World About Us!

Gaurav Dosi
Gaurav Dosi

“I had bloated stomach, crashing energy in the afternoons, exhausting/anxiety on certain days and unexpected rashes on face / scalp.  I feel extremely confident and empowered now. Deepa put me on a journey and I can clearly see how I was impacting my health with my uneducated choices. I have no bloating whatsoever with consistent energy during the day. I can easily go without a meal and not feel hangry. I feel more centred and balanced, like never before. And now I understand what food causes rashes. The results have been a game changer. Deepa is like an elder sibling to me. We had a great time debating, laughing and connecting. She brings an amazing balance of gentleness and assertiveness. Daily habits are hard to change but Deepa built trust and guided me to fundamental changes in how I viewed my own choices"

Srinath Rangarajan


“Everything is fabulous, the trackers, the information handed out regularly. The prakriti analysis could have been done a bit earlier in the program. Many thanks to Deepa Kannan for her invaluable guidance in the fine art of ayurveda - for helping me understand the perceptions that constitute 'prakriti', the multivariable effects that diets can have on the body and mind of an individual. Her suggestions are practical, priceless, delivered with great balance and regularity. If you have had the good fortune to go through one of her programs, you already know!”

Monita Sen
Monita Sen
PYP Authorization Manager at International Baccalaureate

"It's a very holistic approach which I like and I also like the regular contact as it helps keep me accountable. The handouts, questionnaires and posters were helpful reminders. I like that its very personalised."

K.L. Mukesh
K.L. Mukesh
Venture Capitalist

“ Before I met Deepa Kannan, for about 8 years, I had severe throat pain. It was not possible for me to bend my head and lower my chin. Over this period, I tried all kinds of remedies - none of which had a positive impact.I met Deepa. She sent me a comprehensive set of questions. On answering those questions, she asked me if I had any digestive issues. This was a question that none of the other physicians had asked. I mentioned that I had an ulcer a couple decades ago and as a kid I had suffered from jaundice a couple times. Deepa put me through a liver cleanse procedure, a diet coupled with supplements. The process gave superb results. Not only did I land up with a healed throat but also a much "lighter" abdomen. The basic diagnosis was, repeated throat issue was on account of low immunity that was related to liver health. So, it was a second order issue and the fix involved improving functioning of the liver. Thank you Deepa.”



"Deepa's passion for the work she does is palpable and infectious. She has an intuitive sense of what would work for a person but she always backs it with cutting edge knowledge so that one understands the logic behind the way our body reacts. I am grateful for having crossed her paths with her at a very crucial juncture in my life. Thank you for shining the light on my path Deepa ."


"When I think of 2022 and what I’d remember this year for, three things come to mind, my 50th birthday, stepping away from work and my engagement with Deepa. Deepa is wonderful and a pleasure to interact with. Over the course of my engagement with Deepa, our relationship graduated to something like a friendship, where I looked forward to my chats and sessions with her. I would recommend this program without hesitation to any one looking for greater understanding / control of their body.”

Palak Tuli

"Deepa is a kind and empathetic individual who is not afraid of displaying vulnerability. She has been with me through some of the lowest phases of my life in the last one year. She understood my concerns in-depth and provided appropriate guidance to me. She was approachable always and a humble person.

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