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Ayurveda003 – Ayurveda and Sleep with Dr Manmohan

003 – Ayurveda and Sleep with Dr Manmohan

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We have Dr Manmohan, Chief Physician at Ayurveda Gram Heritage Wellness Centre for this exciting episode! Deepa and Dr Manmohan sit down to discuss how Ayurveda looks at sleep. Poor sleep looks different in different doshas, or body types.

Dr Manmohan has 30 years of experience in Ayurveda. He took time to compound his knowledge in traditional Ayurveda by learning unique treatment methods as practiced by the traditional physicians of Kerala. Presently he is heading a team of expert physicians at Ayurveda Gram Heritage Wellness Centre in Bangalore helping heal patients from different parts of the world. He specialises in infertility, metabolic disorders, auto-Immune diseases, spine and joint Issues, stress and depression, skin ailments, gastrointestinal disorders.

In this episode, Dr Manmohan and Deepa talk about different doshas. Dr Manmohan explains doshas in a way that you might never have heard before! He speaks into how every person is truly unique and bioindividual. He also speaks about how stress manifests in people of different doshas? Does the methodology to improving resilience to stress and improving the quality of sleep differ in these doshas? What is most exciting is that Dr Manmohan takes us through practical usage of herbs and oils in simple ways that an support your sleep.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Dr Manmohan’s origin story and how did your interest in Ayurveda happen?
  • Form, Transformation and Dynamic Change.
  • Good & bad energy, and which systems in your body require the most energy?
  • Magical ways to know your doshas and understand what can impact you positively and negatively
  • What does Ayurveda say about sleep disorder? How does sleep issues vary in each dosha?
  • How you program your circadian rhythm based on habits? How can this be challenging or supportive? One of the things that Ayurveda has been saying from ancient times is the role of circadian rhythms. What is the Ayurveda blueprint for healthy circadian rhythms?
  • When is that unusual situation when you actually need to prevent all sleep for a few days?
  • How does looking at yourself in the mirror come before medication?
  • What are some herbs that that are fairly safe to use and can help people improve their sleep, rather than reaching for prescription drugs which can be potentially addictive, dangerous and counterproductive? How should you use them?
  • Foot pack of a common weed to help sleep?
  • In terms of Ayurveda therapies used in Ayurvedic centres to treat sleep disorders, what are some of the common ones? What are practices that you can do at home to support your sleep?
  • What are Dr Manmohan’s personal recommendations for better sleep?

To source the herbs and oils mentioned on the show, visit www.ayurvedagram.com and order your supplies:

  1. Chandanadi Tailam – for external application on the apex of the head 30-60 minutes before a head bath
  2. Drakshadi Kwath tablets – two tablets each 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner
  3. Manasamithravatakam – two tablets powdered and mixed with some warm water and taken at bed time
  4. Maha Kalyanakam Ghritam – two level teaspoons of this medicated ghee on an empty stomach on waking up in the morning

For more on Dr Manmohan, you can follow him on Instagram @keralaayurvedaltd and on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/ayurvedagram or https://www.facebook.com/keralaayurvedaltd, and through the website www.ayurvedagram.com

-For more on Deepa, The Sleep Whisperer, be sure to follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ohahealth/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ohahealth/ and you can also mail Deepa at deepa@ohahealth.com or find her at www.ohahealth.com

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