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Functional Medicine039 – Nutrients & Supplements For Sleep with Shae Leonard

039 – Nutrients & Supplements For Sleep with Shae Leonard

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Shae Leonard grew up in Artesia, NM and earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Lubbock Christian University. Upon completion she obtained her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Texas Tech University. She practiced in allergy and immunology, medical aesthetics and integrative psychiatry. Shae is currently a practicing psychiatry PA-C in the state of Texas. Her experience in psychiatry as well as her personal health journey led her to seek alternative, functional healthcare methods for herself and her patients.

Shae was first introduced to functional medicine at a young age by her mentor and Aunt, Dr. Cynthia Coor. Shae was struggling with a variety of health concerns at the age of 16 yrs old. Shae also completed an extensive training program with her mentor, a certified anti-aging and functional/regenerative medicine expert in holistic hormone balance. She is also, currently completing a 2 year certification program in functional medicine.

Nutrients & Supplements For Sleep

  • What is anti-ageing and regenerative medicine?
  • What is the connection between nutrients and sleep?
  • Can following diets that might not work induce deficiencies themselves? Can following a therapeutic diet for too long also trigger that?
  • When is the role of deficiencies in poor sleep? What are some of the very common nutrient deficiencies that impact sleep?
  • Supplements for sleep can become self prescribed at times. What are the supplements commonly taken for sleep and how they could benefit and what are some of the potential challenges certain people could have?
  • What are the factors that should play a role in which one we choose to help ourselves?
  • With sleep supplements, you could get it true but if your sleep continues to remain sketchy over time, it can be a red flag of needing to look for other factors. Can sleep supplements cure bad sleep habits?
  • How might you get some sleep nutrients from food and where you would need it from supplements?
  • What are the guidelines by which Shae chooses her personal signature sleep supplements?

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-For more on Deepa:

Deepa is a Yoga therapist for over two decades and a Functional Nutritionist for five. She brings together her experience in therapeutic & transformational yoga and deep learning in nutrition based on the principles of functional medicine to her practice Phytothrive. The focus has been on merging together the deep science of the functional world with the deep symbolism of ancient wisdom. She has a masterful understanding of the human anatomy with cohesive understanding of physiology to offer what can be classified as true bio-individual mind, body & spirit nutrition. Having a son with a rare adrenal condition gave her a deep insight into the working of the adrenals and the stress response, as it relates to all health and sleep.

Her articles have been shared by Dr Mark Hyman, MD, a 13 times NY Times Bestselling Author twice. She also gave the opening speech on Health Hacks at Amazon Web Services & YourStory HeathTech 2019 to heads of healthcare start-ups in India. Deepa has twenty years of experience in wellness, where she has focus on sleep nutrition, women’s health, detoxification, skin health and adrenal function. She is in the YourStory100 Digital Influencers Of 2020.

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