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Functional Nutrition094 – Neurology And Eastern Medicine For Better Sleep With Dr Trupti Gokani MD

094 – Neurology And Eastern Medicine For Better Sleep With Dr Trupti Gokani MD

An award-winning, board-certified neurologist, Trupti Gokani, MD, has dedicated her life to developing a unique blend of modern medicine and ancient philosophy. By melding these approaches. She’s become a highly sought after speaker and health coach sharing holistic wellness strategies with larger-than-life media personalities like Dr. Oz, global pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, and individuals with a wide range of symptoms, from debilitating migraines to chronic fatigue. She’s best known in Chicago’s North Shore for her revolutionary integrative approach to treating headache pain. The Zira Mind & Body Clinic’s patients swear by her unique methodology focused on healing the head by identifying the disconnect between the mind and the body. When not in the clinic, Dr. Gokani dedicates her insights to speaking and media engagements aiming to help Americans understand the “purpose” of their pain and how to heal themselves through a deeper appreciation of the mind-body-spirit connection.

  • How did Dr Gokani find Ayurvedic medicine being a Neurologist?
  • What is the risk benefit of antidepressants and what is the impact on the body? 
  • What causes insomnia from an eastern medicine perspective?
  • What is often missing when it comes to improving sleep routine?
  • Why must neurology incorporate the Three Brain Approach?
  • How can someone succeed using the Three Brain Model when everything has failed?
  • Do you need to eliminate gluten forever?

For more on Dr Trupti Gokani, you can follow her:

Website: https://truptigokanimd.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TruptiGokaniMD/  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trupti_gokanimd/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trupti-gokani-md-17533a8/

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-For more on Deepa:

Deepa is an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner, Author and a Yogini at Phytothrive. Having a son with a rare adrenal disorder gave her insight into the working of the adrenals. Her articles have been shared by Dr Mark Hyman, MD, a 14 times NY Times Bestselling Author. She also gave the opening speech on Health Hacks at Amazon Web Services & YourStory HeathTech 2019 to heads of healthcare start-ups in India. She is in the YourStory100 Digital Influencers Of 2020. Her book on sleep with HarperCollins releases in 2022. She has been featured on the award winning podcast 15-Minute Matrix discussing sleep.

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