Ancient Abhyanga Master Class

Ancient Abhyanga Master Class
Ancient Abhyanga

About Deepa

Deepa Kannan is an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner and a Yoga Acharya who blends cutting edge scientific principles with ancient Indian wisdom to support bio-individual healing, health and longevity. She is the host of the Sleep Whisperer podcast, a space for insightful conversations about sleep, health and well-being with distinguished thought leaders and practitioners from across the world.

Her articles have been shared by Dr Mark Hyman, MD, a 17 times NY Times Bestselling Author. She also gave the opening speech on Health Hacks at Amazon Web Services & YourStory HealthTech 2019 to heads of healthcare start-ups in India. She is in the YourStory100 Digital Influencers Of 2020. She has also been featured in the award winning podcast, the 15-Minute Matrix mapping sleep and on UK Health Radio talking about sleep and mental health. Her book on sleep by HarperCollins releases November 2023.

Deepa’s journey as a healer is a one of continual evolution, that runs in parallel with her life. She has navigated through childhood struggles, a failed marriage and a divorce, remarriage to her soul companion and the birth of a child with a rare genetic disorder, using adversity and deep pain as fuel for her growth and transformation.

As the mother of a teenager with a congenital adrenal condition, Deepa continues to navigate challenging life and health situations as she helps her son grow with a healthy body, mind and spirit, live well and pursue his dreams despite the limitations posed by his condition.

She brings her soul purpose of holistic health, living with vitality and manifesting dreams to her practice every single day, helping people achieve and maintain a state of well-being that serves their vision for themselves. You can find her on Instagram at @ohahealth and on

“My friend, Deepa Kannan, explains the best ancient tools accessible to most of us at home to help support our body!”

– Dr Mark Hyman, M.D

Ancient Abhyanga Masterclass

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Is The Ancient Abhyanga Masterclass For You?

  • I could tell you that it is for every single one of you. Abhyanga is Ayurveda’s ancient practice of oil massage which is an integral part of your daily routine. It is for you if you have:
  • tendency to be in fight or flight, anxiety, nervousness, fear and high stress.
  • water retention, lymphatic congestion, liver challenges, constipation and poor detoxification
  • imbalances in your skin, skin conditions such as rashes and fungal overgrowth
  • poor circulation, cold hands and feet, and low energy
  • frequent muscle catches, joint pains, cracking joints and easy injury
  • insomnia, frequent waking and poor quality sleep
  • poor digestion, gas, bloating

Learn to choose the right oils.

Choosing the right oil is an art. The right oil can change a simple practice into a powerfully therapeutic tool. The web of information out there can be immensely confusing and contradictory. This masterclass will give you the only framework that you will ever need to choose the right oil based on your body, season, location, age and present condition. There is absolutely nothing out there that will give you such a framework where you will have the tools you need to make the right choice for the rest of your life.

Energy meridian

Learning the right direction to massage allows all the subtle energies within your body to come to a state of balance. Understanding these different energies and what they do within your body take it one step further. Practicing this way will help to optimise different organs and systems within your body, helping your whole body to shift back to the way it is meant to be, which is one of equilibrium.

Choose bath powder.

This masterclass has the information that you need to make your own therapeutic grade bath powder from ingredients that you can get all over the world. It also teaches you to adapt it to suit your unique body and use it accordingly. Using the right herbs in the right way is a potent healing tool, helping to improve your lymphatic system, overall detoxification and you can say goodbye to chronic skin conditions forever.

Ancient Abhyanga Masterclass
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